Dick Costolo's Latest Career Move: Male Model

Dick Costolo has a pretty sweet life. He sold his previous company, FeedBurner, to Google. He’s now the COO at Twitter–undeniably one of the hottest Web companies in the world. And for a guy that’s had so much success he has almost no enemies. There’s not even a snarky, fictional movie in the works about him. Given all this I feel less-bad about what I’m about to do: Mock his new career as a male-model.

Apparently, Costolo, who relocated to the Bay Area for the job at Twitter, was so thrilled with the work of his realtors that he agreed to be in a local print ad for them with a testimonial quote that….well…if you can figure out what it means you’re ahead of me. In case you can’t read it below it says, “Extraordinary is taking a simple idea and revolutionizing it in a way that changes the world.” From what I hear, the ad has become a source of good-natured-teasing hilarity around the Twitter offices, and Costolo–not a stranger to teasing his friends— has been a good sport about it. (So far.)

Jokes aside, the fact that he didn’t balk at the request shows that Costolo’s has retained those Midwestern manners that make him one of the most down-to-earth, likable guys in the Valley. Most entrepreneurs would take themselves way too seriously to help their Realtors out. The ad is below. (Sorry, dude, but if I didn’t post it another blogger would…)