Lalawag, L.A.'s Tech Blog, Shuts Down

Los Angeles based tech chronicler Lalawag has ended its two year stretch with a blog post of its “Greatest Hits” today, a heavily trafficked blog post, judging from the fact that I can’t get any part of their site to load. Run by Laurie and Sean Percival, who is now VP of Marketing at MySpace, the site covered the lives of tech notables in L.A. and beyond, including us, early and often.

Lalawag dealt with the often dry subject of technology news with wit and humor (and infographics!) and will be missed by many fans of the not boring, outside the “213” and “818”area codes even.

“So, we’ve decided to shut down lalawag for the time being. Both Laurie and I really enjoyed running this site and want to thank everyone for their support. We both look back on this little passion project of ours with great memories and accomplishment, but my wife (who took over the publication for most of its run) is now trading blogging for diapers. Personally, I’m not sure which is worse.”

Percival tells TechCrunch, “I need to trim back a few things in my life, and we just haven’t had time to keep her going. L.A. Tech is still a vibrant and great space. (I know this from experience). Percival is not precluding the site making a comeback however and is in fact looking for a new owner. Interested parties can contact him here.

Our favorite Lalawag post, below: