Ex-MySpace Execs Quietly Building New Startup Called Namesake

One good thing to come out of MySpace’s slow demise: a bunch of former employees are creating startups left and right, mostly in Los Angeles and helping to grow the startup ecosystem there. We’re tracking Gravity, Mindjolt, Gogobot and Beachmint. And we’re adding one more to the list.

Namesake was founded by Dan Gould and Brian Norgard. The site is still in private beta and it’s not 100% clear what it will be. From the about page:

We’re here to honor, support and serve people who create. People who aren’t afraid to embrace risk. People passionate enough to challenge the status quo and win. People who push us forward despite all odds.

At Namesake, we wake up every day to build an infinitely curious and innovative company. Building a better Namesake means more creators can build and spread their creations faster — which makes the world better.

We’re located in Los Angeles, CA. Today, we call the humble 10′ by 8′ Founder’s Room home, which has also been the site of a number of practical jokes. The company is founded and funded by Brian Norgard and Daniel Gould.

Via email, Gould says “We believe there’s a better way to match and route opportunities that come across your desk everyday. Our whole purpose is to make creators more successful by helping match them with these relevant opportunities in real-time.” Which isn’t super helpful. The company is self funded for now, says Gould. Both He and Norgard have some money to burn, they got their jobs at MySpace by selling a company to them, Newroo, in 2006.

There’s a place to sign up for the service once it launches for all you early adopter types.