iSwifter Launches App To Stream Flash Games To iPads

Incubator YouWeb, which spun out gaming startups CrowdStar, AuroraFeint and Sibblingz, has launched cloud-based Flash streaming service, iSwifter. iSwifter is debuting an iPad app today that will allow developers to stream flash games to the tablet device.

iSwifter allows users to browse, play and rate Flash games from gaming portals on the web, with each game optimized for iPad. With With iSwifter, Flash does not run on the device at all but it is streamed to the tablet just like a Netflix movie or a YouTube video. So, game developers don’t have to build a iOS specific app for their games, but can instead publish their Flash games to iSwifter.

The startup plans to bring its technology to iPhones, iTouch devices and Android smartphones later this year.

iSwifter faces competition from fellow game-streaming platforms Onlive and Gaikai.