Intel Capital Invests In Cloud-Based Game Streaming Service Gaikai

Cloud-based game streaming service Gaikai has taken an investment from Intel Capital and Limelight Networks. While it’s unclear how much Intel invested, the firm could have been one of the un-named partners in Gaikai’s $10 million funding round in May.

Gaikai offers a server-based, cloud-gaming technology that streams games, allowing users to play any game inside the web browser. Gaikai’s game streaming service hosts the games, runs them and then streams them to users, allowing them to interact with games wherever they are browsing. Gaikai will launch this summer, with unsurprisingly, servers powered by Intel’s Six-Core processors and Intel Solid State Drives. The games will also be running throught the key nodes of the Limelight network.

Gaikai recently announced a deal with Electronic Arts to stream EA’s games, including The Sims, Mass Effect and Medal of Honor, over Gaikai. Gaikai faces competition from OnLive.