The Perfect Rosh Hashana Gift: An iPhone App That Measures Breast Size

Did you know eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size? Of course you didn’t. Now, thanks to Israeli iPhone app dev house, Digital Relations, you can celebrate the Jewish New Year with the correct support your loved ones’ bosoms need. Say hello to FITS, the iPhone app that helps you measure breast size. Happy new year indeed!

The story behind the app is that one of the developers at Digital Relations had an “embarrassing session with the saleswoman at the bra-shop”. As he made his cowardly escape, and evidently being a full-fledged dork, he thought to himself “hey, there should be an app for exactly these situations.”

You can either use a frontal photo, or a combination of one frontal and one profile photo. In both cases you can either take the shot on the spot, or browse your iPhone’s photo gallery. You then need to size and position a female silhouette over the body of the woman whose breasts you’re trying to measure. The next step is to superimpose a pink bra over the bust. Then you need to enter height and you’re done.

Bra sizes are given in five standard measurements systems: US, UK, AUS, EU & FR.

I can’t say I thoroughly tested the app, but I tried it out thanks to the kind indulgence of a friend who requested only to be known as ‘Jessica’. See her photo above.

No need to take this app too seriously of course… Just a bunch of geeks developing a dorky iPhone app that could be a hit with frat guys. Sometimes, putting a smile on people’s faces is good enough. Better yet when you can also put a cartoon character over their bodies.

You can download FITS, here for $0.99. Remember, beads not included.

Shana Tova everyone!