I'd Live In It. Bufalino Camper Combines Car, Bedroom, Office

Caring for your blogger is easy. In goes coffee and MSG, out comes posts. When your blogger is worn out, just place him in a soft area and he will sleep until he is ready to work again. But what if he needs to get to a press conference? Silly! You get him a Bufalino, so he can blog, sleep, and drive all in the same place!

It’s just a concept right now, but this thing is cool enough that I could see it in production… in a sort of friendlier version of the Road Warrior future. I don’t think it’d fly these days. Of course, there’s no water or bathroom, so you’d have to hitch up somewhere with accessible facilities. Campsite? Sure, as long as there’s wi-fi.

Lots more pictures at DesignBoom. I actually think it’s a really cool idea.

[via The Daily What]