New 360 Racing Wheel From Mad Catz

Mad Catz is dropping mad gearz all over Gamescom. Unfortunately, they haven’t sent us mad picz, so some details escape us. Basically, though, you’re looking at a nice racing wheel for the Xbox 360 with the usual fixins: battery power, pedals, buttons, the works. Update: got a better picture.

It takes three AAAs (generously included), which they say will power it, and I assume the pedals, for 40 of your Earth hours. As you can see, it has the buttons and D-pad conveniently mounted in the horn (or trumpet, in British) positions. There is a tiptronic shifter that you can place on either side of the wheel, a port for your headset, and a clamp so you don’t end up steering the controller right off your lap (disclaimer: clamping controller to your lap not recommended).

They don’t mention the degrees it turns — I like ones with a lot of spin and just a little springback, but it’s impossible to say whether a controller like this floats your boat until you’ve gone a couple of laps with it.

There’s no date yet, but it should cost $130 when it’s released. I’m going to just go ahead and guess late autumn/early winter… November, maybe. Yeah, that sounds right.