THQ's uDraw GameTablet Is… A Wiicom Tablet

Thank god another peripheral maker has made something that I can pun on with “Wii.” The other options are getting stale. So, this Wiicom tablet (reference, if you’re not clued in) is an accessory that lets you draw inside Wii games. Great! Not sure many games were really crying out for this, since you already control a free cursor and “drawing” games work better on a DS, but hey.

It’ll ship with a sketching program that lets you save or replay your doodles, and there is a drawing-based platform on the way as well as the inevitable Pictionary. I’ll take pencil-and-paper Pictionary any day, because it’s amazing, but I know the joy that is Anticipation, so I won’t begrudge those who choose the Wii version.

More info and a video hereabouts.