If Facebook, Twitter, And Foursquare Were A Part Of Soap Operas [Videos]

It’s hard to imagine anything more vapid than a daytime soap opera. They’re seriously the worst things in the world. But they’re also great for parody as LG is obviously aware. Sure, their The Young and the Connected YouTube series is one big ad, but it’s also pretty damn hilarious.

In the series of short clips, LG has beautiful people talking seriously about the things many of us use everyday. You know, like Facebook, Twitter, and even Foursquare.

Watch some of the best ones below. In the first, a man worries his affair will be outed because his lover checked-in on Foursquare. In another, two women fight over who has been “poked” more by a lover. Below that, a mother stalks her son on Foursquare as he’s “going for a wax.” And finally two men worry about where one of them is going to ask a woman to marry him — Facebook or Twitter?