Forget The Facebook Movie — The YouTube Movie Is The Hot Ticket

The consensus among people I talk to about the upcoming movie about Facebook, The Social Network, seems to be that it looks like it actually might be good. That said, most simply can’t believe that it actually will be because it’s about, well, Facebook. So is it just the trailer that is making it look decent? A few people on YouTube decided to try and find out by making their own trailer for a movie — about YouTube.

The Video Website looks very promising. The plot looks eerily similar to The Social Network — but it includes laughing babies and pandas. What more can you ask for?

It also contains lines of tense dialogue such as:

  • “I’m talking about taking the entire humiliating experience of home videos and putting it online.”
  • “We don’t have enough videos of adorable laughing babies.” “Then find more! This is my shot”
  • “The keyboard cat wants more money.”

Watch it below.