Forum Site Lefora Gobbled Up By CrowdGather

Los Angeles based CrowdGather, which offers forums for online communities, has aquired the assets of Silicon Valley based Lefora. The size of the all-stock transaction isn’t being disclosed.

Lefora, founded by Paul Bragiel, first launched in 2008. It’s notable because of how simple it is for users to create and embed forums onto their sites.

The much larger CrowdGather boasts around 4.5 million monthly unique users and 80 million monthly page views. The company has raised $3 million or so in funding and has been on an acquisition tear – albeit always very small deals.

CrowdGather is also licensing technology from, another company founded by Bragiel. is acquiring the remaining assets of Lefora as well.

Bragiel also recently cofounded i/o Ventures, a work/cafe incubator located in San Francisco.