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eRepublik releases major relaunch to increase gamer power and retention

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eRepublik logoYesterday afternoon Alexis Bonte, Founder and CEO of eRepublik emailed to tell me that Russia had attacked Washington, with 662 soldiers defending the capital. Today Russia took over Washington. Good thing it’s just a game.

Of course, it’s not just any game now that eRepublik, the web based social strategy game, boasts 1.8 million registered users. The game is essentially a browser-based virtual world where users can take on professions, start companies, run political parties, govern countries, foster alliances or declare war. Today eRepublik launches a major new release, eRepublik Rising, that’s just entered public beta. The new generation of the game is a complete makeover not just in terms of the visual interface which goes from flat to a much more graphic rich backdrop, but also in the strategy eRepublik has taken.

According to Bonte, the company polled over 14,000 players, studied behavior, online forums and constant flow of feedback to come up with the new version. Rising allows users to decide exactly how the game will evolve. The platform becomes the players’ playground, where they influence, create and make the wheels turn.  One of the features that thousand were asking for is more focus on military action. This new version allows up to 90,000 simultaneous players to fight in user initiated battles for enemy territories with machinery and weapons produced by other users. Rising has also introduced more professions for users to chose from. On the economic front, because this is a strategy game, users who are running companies can decide on products that they want to sell, based on supply and demand.

Essentially, with Rising, eRepublik wants to take social strategy gaming further, providing new tools and power to chose to it’s users against a more colorful backdrop.

Bonte also admits that another key change has been right at the start at the game, where they were losing a stunning 50% of thousands of daily signups. They’ve slimmed down the process, based on their analysis of massively successful Facebook based games, “there is a lot browser games can learn from Facebook games and vice – versa,” says Bonte.

eRepublik closed a $2 million Series A round last year and has experienced exponential growth, growing from 138.000 visits in November 2010 to 120 million total last May.

  • Taurs

    growing from 138.000 visits in November 2010 (???) to 120 million total last May

    • Car Battle

      maybe Paul the Octopus predicted this ;)

      • Dzuzinka

        It is only CEO’s dream to have that much players. eRepublik team needs to fix foundations of the game and not just provide temporary fixes and bandages for serious disease eRep has. Instead of improving game mechanics eRep team introduced 4 girls (each one looks like a whore from the street) in blind belief their poor dress will cover the huge problems the whole game has. Please, we are not 13 year old teenagers opening mouth over every chick on the street. Many players (and most important the ones with the $) are much older than 25 and they don’t want to see any poorly dressed chicks. The players want to have functional game with clear (not-changing every other week) rules and war module allowing more than 300 lucky people to attend the battlefield (using Flash for war module is crazy). If you manage this the players will stay and then you have a chance for a good start. eRep Rai$ing now looks like a bad parody of online game asking to pay money on every step you move providing very little in exchange.

      • meekashe

        In russia, people don’t need to attack you. Instead they attack themselves – And that’s why Apple ‘hearts’ them.

    • Multi417

      Hello Alexis !

      I am multi, one of many in your poorly secured game… but we are rather called “1.8 million users” My father is called “iMacros Plugin” and I have so many brothers and sisters, that even russian phonebook is not a sufficient source of our names. So my father gives us also number :)

      Due to your awesome anticheating policy I have to reach 100 exp, my father told me so. Everyday I work, study, train and rest, because that makes me 8 XP a day. Yesterday father gave me a present ! It was treasue map, my father was very proud when I opened it and there was 5.3 gold :)

      Anyway, my father said I will have more brothers and sisters, because this makes him happy… each day 10 more siblings are born and we are happy family which lives on separate PC… when I go to work, my father has to clean up mess after my other siblings – MAC, IP, cookies.

      I have heard about mystic policeman… it is said he can see 2 month old logs about us, wow, father said that if we wait 2 months, noone will see what we are doing… but I trust me father, he has given life to more than two thousand of us !

      Tomorrow are elections, father said I will have to vote for him in Kaliningrad, because he deserves it. I will do so, because I love my father.

      Sometimes my brothers and I start doing something special, we try to connect to work so fast and so many times, that some of our sisters are not able to enjoy their flight over battlefield.. I dunno why are we doing it, but father said he gets free food for us if we do it.

      Alexis, my father will be happy to meet you, you seem to be very clever guy, however not as much as my daddy is :)

    • G. Timar

      eRepublik is affected by serious hacking attacks during the last week and the game administration seems to be unable to handle the situation. According to in-game estimations of different ‘e-countries’, the loss of the active players is between 20 and 50 percent and decrease still continues. It is balanced by the growing number of ‘fakes’, player characters generated by programs, for getting game advantages or expressing real-world political opinions.

  • Marina Zaliznyak

    120 million accumulated total.

    • Matt S

      I think the point he was making is that November 2010 has not occured… it is currently July 2010, November is still a few months away yet…

      I think he aims to have you fix the typo in your post from November 2010 to November 2009.


      • Stoich

        No he has it about right, that’s how many there will be in November 2010 ;)

      • Maria

        If the Rising keeps going the way it is now there will be nobody left but Mr. Bouinte & his group of poorly competent admins playing each other with several hundred multies. V2 was unprepared for launch, complete disaster in all aspects, no module is working as it should. You can pretend it is a competition to Facebook games but the huge difference in Facebook game is that THEY WORK while eRep engine is …. junk. No money from my pocket will ever go to this until they really hire somebody who understands how to administer servers.

  • alexis

    Yes to be more specific, in the month of May we had a little over 10 million visits to eRepublik (from slightly mire than 2 million uniques). 120 million visits is the cumulated number since the launch.

    • Davor

      hi Alexis. Believe or not, 3 years ago I had exactly same idea, I even made detailed sketch & plan. But I postponed idea for another project (because of lack of time).

      Anyway, best luck with this project :)

      • ibz

        Ideas are worthless. The art lies in execution.

      • Maria

        And execution of V2 Rising is more like V2 Failing.


      Please save two minutes to read my last article in erepublik… maybe you’ll find it interesting:–1461869/1/20

  • alexis

    Also one note, all videos (including the 2 above) just like 99% of the content in eRepublik are user generated. So thanks to the users :)

    • Ipath

      @alexis: “… videos (including the 2 above) just like 99% of the content in eRepublik are user generated. So thanks to the users ”

      You are welcome :D

  • adleras

    Most of the players hate the new war module, it sucks big time.. in the matter of fact..the war modules always sucked a lot. The only problem fixed with the new war module is that users can fight now without the servers crashing non stop. (like it used to be since the beginning of erepublik beta back a few years ago)

    They say there are 1.8 mil users, but more than 50% of them are inactive accounts, dead citizens or banned accounts. (not counting the huge number of clones… usually 1 players controls at least 10 users , but sometimes 1 user controls hundreds of clones with specific user made software).

    Since the beginning … the game is in a continous beta .. full of bugs and it was almost never a pleasure to play. The admins were never fair with the players, they took advantage of the first communities and when the game evolved they didnt cared about fairness.. they only cared about making money )

    The only good things in this game are the communities. Players can be very creative and friendships were bound for a very long time.

    Hopefully the game will get better and better in the future. The admins have now some experience based on the past years, if they’ll listen to the community they will create an amazing online strategy game.

    • Happy eRepublik Citizen

      Hello adleras,

      I thought you already forgot about eRepublik as your citizen adleras has been banned 1 year ago for Multiple Accounts, but I guess you have another account, no?
      However, as you are still playing eRepublik, your comment is not only untrue and disgraceful for the eRepublik as a company, but it also hits the COMMUNITY you love so much.
      DAMN! I probably lost some future best eFriends :/ due to your vindictive comment.

      Posting a message like that won’t get for sure your account unbanned, but unfortunately it can make people think you are telling the truth.

      “The admins were never fair with the players, ….. , they didnt cared about fairness.. they only cared about making money”

      Sounds strange coming from a player who was banned because he broke some rules that most of us are trying to respect.

      Coming back to the article (that I was so glad to read after finding out about it) I must say that v2 is way over my expectations and I can’t wait to beat some Hungarians <333 in the new military module that I definitely love ;)!

      I need to complete my opinion by quoting Emerick "Finally, the game is looking polished and professional, finally it’s becoming more of a game that requires a bit of thought into strategy put into it by each and every player, not just the war strategizers and the scheming politicians. Finally, it’s a game where each player is important on an individual scale and a game where each player can feel a sense of importance just by participating in a battle".
      (Source : )

      An optimistic eRepublik player !

      • Manitou

        No offense dude, but the game DOES suck bigtime. Gold is expensive.
        About 80-90% of the players usually leave the game after a couple of weeks (I have no idea from where Bonte took the 50%)
        and whatever people say, the game is still in beta, full of random bugs.
        Support sucks, they closed my tickets twice, saying that they have no time for me because they work on V2.
        They ban people randomly for multi accounting. If you appeal, they take the ban off. If you don’t, then it means that you’re one of the multi accounts. Very nice logic, but it’s not so good for business.

        The game had/has potential, but the support is even worse than in some random chinese MMO.

      • Ceiling Cat

        another Happy eRepublik Citizen, omg, that makes 2 of us. I always felt sooooo alone down here.

      • Keep it real.

        1.8 billion players registered. Yes, but only about 1 mil actually play.

        This is simply because any kid that has his dad’s credit card in hand immediately can rise to a pro level, simply by buying into everything. Any free player is instantly disadvantaged. And free players make up 75% of the 1 mil that actually play. #

        Take, for example, the new military module. A free player has to work for around 4 days with a good job to get enough money for a weapon. Not a good one, just the bare minimum. Even if this player has trained for half a year, the person with the credit card will still win.

        As soon as they get in, they can buy gold, and, in turn, the best weapons on the market. They already have cut out a mass amount of time, and probably hit more already too. Then, when they actually enter a battle, they can use the leftover gold to buy health packs. This instantly enables them to take out 2, 3, or even more free players (depending on how much they spend).

        Overall, eRepublik claims to be a free game. Yes, in it’s core, it is free. But any paying player can instantly bypass all the extra time a free player spends. It simply doesn’t work.

      • Keep it real.

        Oops, 1.8 mil are registered, 300,000 actually play.

      • Unhapy eRepublik citizen

        Unfortunately, because of the bot system used for banning, and the “you’re guilty until proven innocent” approach, there is no credibility in any of the actions taken by the admins to curtail unfair gaming. Furthermore the practice of tolerating “paying” customers is one of the reason why the administration is not trusted to make fair and unbiased decisions.

        Not to mention the nonexistent customer service, where submited tickets are not answered for weeks, and at the end another bot sends a message that the ticket is outdated.

        1.8Mil registered users is a shameless lie, as the game has 130K players at most, another 200K multi and dead acounts, and inumerous accounts that only registered and never even klicked a button.

        The 50% drop out rate on day one is greatly “underestimated” to say the least, but to be frank is another direct lie, as they have the statistics, and it’s less than 20% that stay in the game for any length of time.

        Not to mention that distribution of resources are done in a discriminatory way, thus favoring certain nations within the game.

        All in all I’ll say that this article is a slap in the face to the whole player community, as it shows the emphasis of the administration of the game to fool new customers into buying a flawed product, rather than concentrate on fixing it for the customers they already have. The player community is the one that has created 95% of the content of the game and in return it has received little, no customers will stay for such a treatment for long.

      • Oh, c'mon

        Wow, Alexis, are you posting using an alias? :P

  • adds

    The Rising version is very cool!

    • Error

      How much Gold did Bonte and the admins promised you to say that?

  • Ryan

    The new military module rocks!!! Not we can say that it’s a game because until now that wall it was a silly game.

    So, every guy interested in playing a real strategy game on-line please come and join the USA Army!

    eRepublik it’s better than never! :X:X:X

    • Haptoh

      YES! IT ROCKS! You can spend gold just EVERYWHERE and pwn EVERYBODY :D!

    • Maria

      Military module is a garbage. Admins decided to use FLASH (the most crashing unstable solution available) so it looks like it – constant crashes, not being able to stay for longer than few minutes connected or not able to join battle at all. Erep screwed economic module as well providing wellness/happiness options for gold effectively killing the house market. Raw materials are consumed in thousands, everywhere is hyperdeflation and no solution to it any close. Whole V2 module is full of bugs & the great concept used for V1 is completely lost in the mess.

  • Manuel

    At the beginning I was not sure that the new modules are OK, but know they really got me!

    I have played in the wars for hours and hours and I really like how the new economic modules looks now!

    In 4 word: I like eRepublik Rising! :)

    • I lol'd

      Yeah, and I like how you waste the money on your credit card! Naive…

    • gabberattack

      Do you like Economic module? Because I do not like it. I have 3 companies and I just can not make any profit like before – since the start of V2 I have lost about 50 gold already. Bugs with extreme RAW consumption, loss of buying power of the players with new module, bug with 1 unit of local currency as a minimal wage per hour …… no exact formulas for production, loss of thousands of RAWS after V2 start, wrong productivity formulas, erratic money market with offers expiring and no gold/currency returning to the companies/orgs.
      And military module? Pure disaster, you can consider yourself lucky if you connect to battle and won’t loose connection after few minutes. The simplicity of V1 military module is lost, fighting requires spending extensive amount of time, mostly just waiting for the end of turn or just reconnecting. I want to play about 10 minutes a day and go – no time for sitting at the battle for an hour or two. Again – terrible concept and BUGS, BUGS, BUGS, BUGS – that’s what eRep V2 is. It looks like they just launched it with a plan to “somehow fix it on a way”. This will cost you many players and the result will be ZERO profit.

      Bring back V1 and launch V2 later, after all bugs are fixed.

  • Blackeye Sev Vuk

    War module is way to complicated and time consuming.

    Best part of eRep is a community. But as a eRep Ex-Moderator i can say without any hesitation eRepublik does not offer any user service . Not to mention poor structural system and organized rules.

    So yea not maybe Admins , but Moderators did a big blow in creating negative view of eRep Team.

    That should change. So most people when say about unfair Admins , they simply do not have upper knowledge about eRep Team system.

    I do. So adleras is not wrong, just ignorant.

    So your comment is more cynical then you think “Mr.Happy eRepublik Citizen “

    • Stoich

      Moderators, are part of the team administrating the game, so the fall within the “admins”, it is none of our concern how they divide tasks and so on, as long as the job is done, and frankly it is not getting done. However nothing changes, so it is the administration of the game that is ultimately at fault.

  • Jaja

    V2 sucks hard.

    Admin want from us only money.

    This game now is shit.

  • Grainne

    Great game concept, but very poor execution. Unquestionably strong user-loyalty kept this ship afloat for a long time.

    The operations in this company have been a mess for a very long time. Tickets aren’t answered, moderators are surely biaised (lol to anyone who thinks they are not…puh-lease!) game availability /stability is poor, security is almost non-existent, technical delivery/quality control is sketchy, and testing? Hello? :D Ha, the migration was a fiasco.

    The company’s control of moderator behaviour is laughable, as we all saw from the mod rage-quit scenario and porn-posting-fest just before the “rising” launch. There is talent in the team, but they are so disconnected, they can’t be expected to deliver anything of quality, anyway.

    Despite all of this, the very strong user community has forged friendships beyond the game which is being reflected in the mass exodus to other alternatives now. Yeah, there goes some revenue…

    I find it sad that the official company line is always to behave like “we have no problems, everyone’s happy, everyone’s involved”. Truly, that’s so removed from the sentiment of the money-spending players who have now run out of patience.
    Would be interesting to see just how the revenue and (real) subs numbers have dropped since the new version was introduced.

    Let’s face it, we all know that VCs have to see value for money, but I think the focus on increasing subscriber ARPU (translating to needing to buy game-gold just to stay healthy/happy) has taken this venture waaaay off track.

    Sad. I loved the game, but I’m gone now. Giving my credit card a rest, anyway.
    Hope sometime they’ll see some sense.

    • Josha

      I really do not understand why such simple game like erepublik need 2.5 million euro to develop?, the clone of erepublik, which developed by small team with development cost not even more than 10k euro. This is a proof that Bonte is a very smart lie that cheat money from vc. Now the stupid vc now keep pushing him, so he had to make the game suck big real money from players.

    • Donovan Thomas

      I’m about to turn one year old in eRep and about to dump it…

      After about 9 months of spending up to 12 hours a day via my phone and computer haunting it, building friends ships etc I deployed to the RL war zone… I even had friends take care of me while I was abroad so my character would live…

      Then I come back to find out that all the hard work, dedication etc all boiled down to streamlined money grabbing and a total lack of QA.

      Damn you eRep. You really did wreck a good thing.

  • Pavel Radu

    As a player involved deeply in the social network that eRepublik has become i can only state a few thoughts:

    The is a severe lack of performance, diplomacy and finishing touches to the game.

    It feels like a perpetual-beta. Everyone has more then one user, everyone brags about this, each day there is another bug, tickets are not answered in time.

    It just feels out of place. There is no more grand global scale, there is no more simplicity, there is just something that blends with the other games out there to create a pile of anonimity.

    And to think they could have done such a good job, they just din’t care enough, or respect their own time invested.

  • Blackeye Sev Vuk

    Ok. My previous post was out of the line.

    I want to apologize to the people inside who really did they work and helped greatly community. As such are Belea and Xtasia Wallachian , QJ Lincoln , Suhy and many others that i forgot to mention

    What did I wanted to say is ” Not everything is perfect”

    Mainly problem

    As I said before customer service did not exist. EVER! As a matter of fact. A
    nd I simply cannot bear cynical comments.

    And you sir. Happy eRepublik Citizen. And the best of it.

  • Patrick

    I’ve been playing this game since 18 months, I’ve use my credit card to access faster to some features, to grow faster.
    I’ve shifted during the months from happy to unhappy user. I haven’t used my credit car for months now : support, justice, improvements are missing too much. Tickets for problems (that will affect entire community and users who invested hours of their time) can wait for weeks and having nothing more than a “we haven’t found any problem there”.

    Bringing a new glossy version won’t change injustice, won’t make dissapear the chaos of the migration from v1 to v2.

    Erep exec, team, support should focus back on customer service, on support, on communication and maybe the community will stay. We’ve seen many players who were here since years, leaving the game, the rest of the community could follow the same road.

  • adleras

    Happy eRepublik Citizen no comment to you except that I have played this game a long time before you, and you dont know the facts that you are speaking of. (you cant speak without knowledge)

    The main reason this game is not a HUGE success is because it was made by people who had absolutely no experience with this stuff. They received tons of usefull feedback but they didnt knew how to use it in time. They were against the community vaguely trying to listen to the its real needs.

    They tried to force the community to create more than 90% of the content of the game but they couldnt control it. It all become chaotic and out of the admins hands.

    They had clear evidence of cheating but admins didnt do nothing about it..because a greater goal was in their mind. They want to be able to say that eRepublik has more than 1.8 mil users …but they forget to mention that more than 75% its not active or its not real (clones).

    Business Angels and other sponsors need to see facts, improuvments..and this was their goals, by showing the numbers (not real) to the world.

    Inside sources (ex admins) told me and showed me the real situation. The huge number of clones .. the big number of cheating players. The HUGE number of bugs.

    After I saw all this..I had no more interest in the game. I also started cheating as others were doing to see how long it will take untill I get discovered. It took a long time. And I didnt even tried to cheat carefully … I tried more to be clumsy .. and not hide my actions. (for a few moments I really believed they really dont care if I cheat or not).

    But the truth was they couldnt handle so much cheating. The admins are bounch full of people who cant face the huge requests of the game.

    That is the reason the game is not profitable yet. it is full of bugs, there is almost no support, nobody gets answers in time, people can cheat very easily, there are 75% clones, the servers used to crash everyday, the graphics sucked, there were almost no new or fixed features for most of the time, no future plans, the list is almost endless.

  • eRepublik the new world…. » Mircea Scarlatescu

    […] ca mine, fara timp (mai ales modulul de lupta), dar e clar o imbunatatire majora.Pana si Techcruch a remarcat , mie imi plac cel mai mult cifrele de la finalul articolului: de la 138.000 vizite in Noiembrie […]

  • RBRM

    This is not a serious article, just advertisement. If you had tried this game only for a week you would have noticed that the game cannot be played for now. Balances sucks, economy sucks ass, and old players are fooled. Anyway when they will see their player living the game maybe they will listen to what they say.

  • Manitou

    Oh, and one more thing about the 1.8 million users.

    The game has about 450k ACTIVE users. Also, considering the fact that there is a huge amount of fake characters (let’s take the percentage of adleras), we get a more realistic number (though I still doubt that there are 110k active people on eRepublik).

    The rest are dead chars, being very useful for showing off to the investors. :)

  • plop

    Who paid other player to say it’s great ???
    New economic module is a joke, war module is a giant bugg (impossible to follow a battle without F5 every rounds…)
    The best thing in erep, and the only thing makes i stay in, are peoples meet here…
    To all the one i spend time with, thanx…
    To admins… change your job…

  • albert

    Good to see eRepublik back on TC. Can’t play at work here due to big brother dept. Would like to see economics module enhancements! Us business enthusiasts are craving for more!!

    @Alexis: are you hiring? ;)

    • Oh, sure...

      Sure he’s hiring, but in a few months, after eRepublik go bankrupt…

  • Dr B.

    Hmm I can only agree with your first post Blackeye, and I wonder why you apologize. You stayed polite and fair.

    Facts :
    -War module is way more time consuming than a commoner can afford
    -War module requires a big organization, thus excluding from the real fun all the “2 clickers”, id est the people who like to come and spend 5 or 10 minutes on erep every day
    Just as an example, I’m far from being a “2 clicker” as In 4 or 5 months time, I have built an economic empire (even though I sold half of it before V2, feeling the drawbacks of this new version) weighing around 3000g in value plus hundreds of golds cash. But even though, I don’t fight anymore. Too laggy, too long, too boring if you re not on a Voice IP software with hundreds of regular soldiers.
    -The launch of Rising (V2) is a mistake as they hadn’t fixed the productivity formulas, resulting in a total mess and hundreds of golds lost for many gms.
    -V2 military module presents a huge problem in my opinion : the time schedule. What sort of battle is it when you have Serbia for example that attacks without any opponent for 10 hours a US region, and then, when eSerbian are sleeping, Americans are connecting and playing… It seems so strange to me. It was already the case before but it wasn’t a problem as everything was represented as a whole.

    But on the other hand I must say I’ve had a better experience than most – apparently – concerning the efficiency of the support. I lost 130g in a bug 4 days ago, got an answer the same day and received my golds the day after. So a big +++ for that.
    People from the support have been kind and polite.

    Oh and contrary to what several said, not everyone has an other or many other accounts. I don’t. And that didn’t bother me to get rich without buying a single gold pack.

    So yeah the game has problems, yeah the communication is not always good (even though it’s WAY BETTER than in most f2p games), but I think you really can enjoy it if you play fair and smart. Or if you like to use your credit card due to a lack of time/smartness/patience. The first golds are the hardest to get, afterwards if you are a good manager and have a little time, golds will keep flowing, no matter the economic situation (economic mayhem = a lot of money to be made on the monetary markets for example, or good opportunity of buying some cheap companies, etc etc.)

  • Gandhi

    there is alot of passion for this kind of distraction ! is there a game that simulates the starting of NGO’s and charity organisations where people can create supply chains for food and the transfer of wealthy?

    wake up to reality

  • alexis

    @davor tks! @Dr B tks for the constructive feedback and yes the migration is not easy and we are working on the balancing issues. @albert yes we are hiring and some of these jobs are in our community support team. @Grainne like all people that are trying to builds things and execute we do have problems, its hard to build something like eRepublik so far we have had more success than failures but some things we did wrong and we have no problem admitting them and fixing them.

    • Ludak021

      Oh please, with all due respect, how many times GMs wrote about economy module and offered various ideas on how to make it better? How many times it was said that salaries need to be based on production, not plain wages? And what your team does? They implement $/hour system with no regard to actual productivity, they even add boosters that do not benefit the worker. ALL GMs hate giving salaries like this, we complained for over a year, and after all that time – you fix nothing. :/ Sure, new economy module is more interesting in some areas but it is also very bad in some others. Don’t even get me started on removing “my companies” link from the upper menu to force us to hit 3-4 pages instead of 1-2.
      You are forcing our clicks, our actions etc. That is very BAD and you should know that, Sir.

      Economy module is now making us big GMs unable to manage more than 3-4 companies. The result? Not enough job offers.

      I know you were hoping for deflation of gold with new system, Lana was just a test and it proved “ok” as a concept (it did what it was intended to do for you, not for players) but you took a “bit” too far this time. You now have a large imbalance, happiness and wellness costs differ (VERY BAD thing because you gave us a different picture in beta and made us, unintentionally, to make wrong choices), you will have to change “your mind” for the third time about RAW consumption etc. Actually, it is so bad that I lost any hope of being a GM in V2 and all my companies are for sale (17 of them, 12 were/are Q5).

      and this is all said with me excluding bugs with productivity, being unable to see job market offers properly from an org and so on.

  • Grainne

    @ Alexis, ach, if only that were true :-/
    (but your reply is exactly the sort I predicted, and doesn’t reflect my personal experience of playing this game for more hours than I’d like to admit, every day, for almost 18 months)
    I wonder if you have any idea how many people play the game whom are skilled in this sector, with deep skills from business operations, investment, and relevant technology expertise?
    Our complete adoration of what you’d created allowed us to overlook all the wee foibles, but seriously, this time, you guys just threw the baby out with the bathwater.
    All the same, I wish you luck.
    You should remember some of your original principles though, the 15 minute idea, the “we’re all in this together” attitude to feature development. In dropping them, (I imagine in a panic to show results one year after the VC injection), you will see your customer loyalty haemorrhaging away.
    I’m not speaking solo here, myself and more than 20 former senior players are already elsewhere, and there are more joining us every day.
    eRep in the future? Well….. It can be fantastic, but a serious shake-up is needed. I surely don’t need to tell you that every tech-savvy player can see you are never gonna be able to scale. And ouch, that hurts. So simple to fix. If you wanted to, that is……… IF.
    (btw, yes you are hiring, but you could do with some expertise to help you define what skills you actually need to hire…sorry to be blunt…but hey, sometimes we can’t see what’s directly under our noses.)

  • alexis

    @grainne we must have done something right if you played 18 months, but clearly not right enough if you have decided to stop playing. Can we get in touch directly? If so could you DM or @ me on twitter with your email would love to talk about the feedback that is behind the…. I’m on alternatively let me know how I can reach you.

    • adleras

      @alexis how come a few years ago when I desperately tried to offer feedback to the admins (on yahoo messenger), or on forums.. and I have also wrote directly to you in the game, nothing happened.

      I was willing to offer any kind of assistance from withing the game when I saw how wrong everything is and all the admins and you ignored me.

      All the romanian community was also offering very precious feedback and they were also ignored.. and in the end nobody cared about our efforts and useless, countless hours spent in the game.

      How should I have proceeded to get in touch with somebody who could have actually improved something, to give some very useful help that you needed and still need?

      ah..forgot to mention, I have also tried to talk with Lemnaru ..hoped maybe he would do something.. I thought you might be to busy with Trilulilu and the guys from Cluj…still no answer and total ignorance.

      Also tried to point out stuff on twitter …still no answer. I think this might be the biggest problem from the eRepublik team. The ignorance to what the community asked and still asks.

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