Wow, iPads Almost Outsold Macs Last Quarter. And It Was The Most Macs Ever Sold

Of all the stellar numbers Apple released today with their Q3 2010 earnings, the most impressive has to be this: Apple sold 3.27 million iPads during the quarter. To put that into context, that’s only 200,000 fewer units than their entire Mac division sold. And it was the best Mac sales quarter ever.

In other words, in just about any other quarter, the iPad would have outsold the Mac. And this is the first quarter that Apple is releasing sales figures for the iPad. Next quarter, you can expect the iPad to blow past its counterpart in terms of sales.

Sure, with prices starting at $499, the iPad is cheaper than any Mac computer. But Apple has a wide array of options for Macs. Those sales include iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, and Mac minis. The iPad is one device (which comes in a few configurations).

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