Apple: iPhone 4 Antenna Software Fix Claim "Patently False"

Today during the Q&A session after the iPhone 4 antenna press conference a question was asked about the report in the New York Times yesterday that there will be a software fix for the issue. CEO Steve Jobs fielded the question but was confused as to how anyone would think there could be a software fix for a problem that’s an issue with many smartphones, as he put it. But SVP Scott Forstall spoke up to directly answer it. “That statement is incorrect,” Forstall stated.

He then stood up to elaborate. He says the report in NYT (which cited an anonymous source) was “patently false.” He said that there is no bug in the baseband software that is causing the issue — and so no software update can fix it.

That said, he did note that they continue to tune the way baseband works. And that they’ll continue to do that all the time. These may help certain issues, but for this issue specifically, there will be no software fix.

Earlier, Jobs also reiterated Apple’s stance that a BusinessWeek report stating Jobs was told about the antenuation issue before the iPhone 4 launched. “Yeah, it’s a total crock,” Jobs said. He continued, “total bullshit.”