KickApps Launches Facebook App Development Suite

White label social networking startup KickApps has launched a new development suite that aims to simplify the Facebook app development for marketers, brand managers and developers. The KickApps App Studio now allows anyone, including non-programmers, to create rich media Facebook applications.

The suite’s ease of use is obtained through drag and drop functionality, allowing users to create and deploy custom video players, social widgets and rich media ad units. Applications can serve as a Facebook fan page or as a tab on a Facebook page.

The KickApps platform allows web publishers and marketers to create sites filled with social media applications to better engage audiences through social networking, user-generated content, and widgets. Being able to create Facebook applications seems like a natural extension of the platform. And Kickapps’ has shown some success in creating branded social networks.

The startup also just partnered with Adobe to release an Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) Flash-based media player.