KickApps And Adobe Partner To Create Customizable Flash-Based Media Player

White label social networking startup KickApps is partnering with Adobe to release an Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) Flash-based media player. Users of the cloud-based OSMF App Studio can create highly customized, full featured media player experiences with drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to integrated third party applications and content.

The KickApps platform allows web publishers and marketers to create sites filled with social media applications to better engage audiences through social networking, user-generated content, and widgets. The new Flash-based App Studio, will be incorporated into KickApps’ offerings.

The OSMF App Studio essentially simplifies the development of video players and is geared towards users with non-technical experience, hence the drag and drop interface. Users can create unique visual designs and assemble a wide range of components and third party services to produce high-quality, full-featured video playback experiences without having to spend the time and effort on writing code. KickApps says that users can create a compelling flash player in a matter of minutes. Subscriptions to the service start at $9.95/month.

Of course, considering the recent public battle between Apple and Adobe, it’s interesting that KickApps chose to integrate Flash for their platform and offering. KickApps’ CEO Alex Blum maintains that Adobe’s offering suits KickApps’ clients needs best, saying that “Adobe‚Äôs Flash is an invaluable de facto standard that makes dealing with the multitude of browsers, devices and operating systems easy.”

KickApps has a number of media companies currently using its new video offering, including the Food Network, and NBC Universal.