Apple Has Paid $1 Billion To App Developers (And Other Key Stats)

Today at the WWDC event in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage for his keynote address. During it, he gave some key stats about three key pillars of Apple’s recent strategy: the iPad, the App Store, and the new iBooks store.

First, the key iPad stats:

  • There have been 2 million iPads sold in 59 days.
  • That’s 1 iPad sold every 3 seconds
  • It’s in 10 countries now (9 new ones) — and 19 by the end of July
  • There are over 8,500 native iPad apps
  • These apps have been downloaded over 35 million times
  • That’s about 17 apps per iPad

Next some iBooks stats:

  • There are over 5 million book downloads in the first 65 days of the iBooks store
  • That means each iPad has about 2.5 iBooks on them
  • Apple has 5 of the top 6 book U.S. publishers and they say that Apple has taken about 22% of the U.S. eBooks market

App Store:

  • There are over 225,000 apps in the App Store now.
  • 15,000 apps submitted every week (both new and updates) across 30 languages
  • 95% of all apps are approved in 7 days

Jobs also used the stage early on at WWDC to take his first shot at Google. He notes that the developer of Elements for the iPad recently emailed him to let him know that he earned more money in the first day of sales for the iPad than he did in 5 years from Google ads on his site.

Jobs also highlighted something that Apple has begun pushing recently thanks largely to its war with Adobe: HTML5. “We support two platforms at Apple,” Jobs said — HTML5 and the App Store. “Apple’s browsers are in the lead in supporting the HTML5 standard,” Jobs noted.

The two biggest stats Jobs said for last. There have been over 5 billion app downloads so far. And Apple has paid out over $1 billion to app developers (their 70% cut fo all sales).