Wait, Apple Actually Does Respond to Adobe. Sort Of.

As you’re likely well aware by now, yesterday, Adobe launched an ad blitz to blanket both online and print media with a message that they love Apple. The weird, passive-agressive idea was a more or less a response to Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ post with his thoughts on Adobe Flash a few weeks earlier. While the Internet has come up with some (very funny) joke responses from Apple back to Adobe, we didn’t actually expect Apple to respond to this latest manuever. But actually, they sort of have.

Now, it may be a complete coincidence, but the timing is interesting, to say the least. This morning, Apple starting emailing its customers to let them know that “Adobe CS5 is here.” This is of course Adobe’s expensive graphic editing suite that is very popular among Mac users, particularly those in graphic design (an industry where Macs generally dominate). It contains programs such as Photoshop, and yes, even Flash.

So, whether they meant to or not, Apple has today sort of responded to Adobe’s latest message by more or less saying that they love Adobe too. Is this a peace offering? A subtle attempt at manipulation? Or just a coincidence? Hard to say.