Those Sony Alpha NEXs (NEXes?) are available for pre-order, by the way

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Last night we saw those new NEX cameras leak, and then we saw them official this morning — and now they’re even available for pre-order! The lens selection isn’t really finalized yet, but believe me, if you’re going to be accessorizing, go ahead and try that 16mm f/2.8 before you spring for the zoom. Put that sucker on manual, get a decent mic on there, and you’re making home cinema.

The basic setup is that the NEX-3 costs $550 with the 16mm lens, and the NEX-5 costs $650; add $50 for the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 (nah). The difference between the two? The NEX-5 shoots in 1080i/60, which is a ridiculous format that nobody should bother with. Go for the slimmer NEX-3, which does a more everything-friendly 720p, and save yourself a bill.

Don’t forget (I feel like a sales guy but I like these cameras for some reason) that the new E-series lenses will likely work with the sweet new camcorder they’ve got cooking, and possibly the new video-capable Alpha DSLRs.

[via Engadget]

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