Twitter To Get So Buck On Its Own Wine Tonight

We will sell no wine before its time. Well, it’s time.

Twitter headquarters has just been delivered two huge barrels of Fledgling Wine — the wine label it created in partnership with San Francisco-based winery Crushpad. I have a feeling the “tea time” that Twitter does every Friday might be a little crazier this week. It may be time to get buck.

In all seriousness though, Fledgling Wine is a fun endeavor Twitter undertook for a good cause. $5 from each $20 bottle goes to Room to Read, a non-profit to educate children around the world. The wine isn’t scheduled to be bottled until August of this year, so I’m going to assume this is an early batch that Crushpad sent to Twitter for them to try out. Again, buck.

Twitter employee Troy Holden captured the barrels on camera and naturally tweeted the picture out. This is the slightly classier version of the Facebook keg.

Twitter: I’ll be over around 5ish. Everyone else: you can still buy the wine (bottles or cases) here.


[photo: twitpic/troy]