Here's An Easier, Faster Way To Embed Tweets

@robinwauters I made a bookmarklet for twitter blackbird: (3 steps instead of 9 to embed a tweet), could be useful 4 uWed May 05 07:18:34 via Tweetie

As we had noted earlier, Twitter yesterday launched a new tool that allows you to easily embed tweets into a website or blog post. The tool, called Blackbird Pie, simply asks you for the URL of a tweet and lets you “Bake it,” meaning you get a preview of how it will look on the Web and a box with the code you need in it. Simple enough as far as I’m concerned.

But as Xavier Damman from Publitweet points out, it takes eight steps (not 9 like he says in his tweet) to use Blackbird Pie for embeddable tweets, and that is just unacceptable. Well, it’s acceptable, but there should be an easier way.

Enter Xavier’s bookmarklet (get it here), which you can drag to your bookmark bar and click whenever you’re looking at a tweet you’d like to embed. Three steps instead of eight. Will save you a couple of microseconds. No need to say thanks.

Also cool: if you use the bookmarklet instead of Blackbird Pie, the embedded tweet will display the exact date and time of tweets instead of “X minutes ago”, which is admittedly rather pointless as it doesn’t update the timestamp going forward.

Bonus: when you open a Twitter profile (say @TechCrunch) or a list (say the @TechCrunch team), you can click the bookmarklet to make new links appears alongside all tweets on that page. Simply click those links and voilà, an embed code appears.