Twitter Cooks Up The Blackbird Pie Tool To Bake Tweets Into Your Website

As we noted yesterday, Twitter has launched its new tool that allows you to easily embed tweets into a website or blog post. The tool, called Blackbird Pie, is a website that simply asks you for the URL of a tweet. Once you copy that in and hit “Bake it,” you get back a preview of how it will look on the web, and a box with the code you need in it.

The origin of the script is both self- and user-centered. Mostly, we just think it’s a pain to take screen grabs of tweets. But of course we also think it’s a much better user experience to have @-mentions, hashtags and the account itself all linked and clickable,” writes Twitter.

A few nice things about the tool: 1) it picks up the styling of your own site. “Note that when you paste it into your site, the tweet will pick up some of your styling, e.g. the font-family you use on your tags. That’s intentional!,” Twitter writes (noting that it may change this). 2) It also copies over whatever background a person uses on Twitter. So in that regard, it is just like taking a screen grab. 3) The embeddable tweets actually look nicer than the one Twitter previewed yesterday on its media site.

While the embed code is a mess of inline elements right now, they promise shorter code is coming. They’re also asking that bug reports be tweeted at @twittermedia.