How Much Does Suck? Shows You

We’ve all had the experience. You visit looking to catch up on the day’s news and have a total WTF!? moment when instead you’re greeted by Jessica Alba’s plans to adopt a child. Meanwhile, bombs are exploding around the world, people are dying — but wait, what’s Tiger Woods thinking right now? Also, how do you harness the power of bugs?

A new site, WTF CNN?, compliments of Breadpig, shows you exactly what world news you’re missing by clicking on CNN. The way the site works is simple: is displayed at the top of the page, and under it, you get a choice of seeing the frontpage from one of the following global news sites: ABC (Australia), Al-Jazeera (Qatar), BBC (UK), China Daily (China), Deutsche Welle (Germany), EuroNews (Europe), France 24 (France), or Reuters (UK). Both halves are shown live, and switching between sites is as simple a selecting the one you want from a drop down menu.

When you first hit the site, an overlay reads:

We deserve better than this.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by what headlines the front page, this is the site for you. Compare their front page at any given time to that of Al-Jazeera English (or a host of others that regularly put CNN to shame).

Dear CNN,

We know you think this is what we want, but it’s not. We don’t care what random Tweeters think about a news story, how many holograms you have in your Situation Room, or even the latest celebrity gossip.

We care about our world. Instead of using your resources to do the journalism that gives us a better understanding of this world — we get the front page of

Why do we have to look enviously at the front page of Al-Jazeera English for a better sampling of important news stories at any given time? If the CNN frontpage is a reflection of consumer demand, are we to believe that their readers demand real journalism?

Consider this a gentle nudge from the anonymous Internet, CNN.

The humorous site was created by a programmer known as Chromakode.

PS. We still love Wolf’s beard.