Final Tweetie 2 Update Teases Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon

Earlier this month when Twitter bought Atebits, aka Loren Brichter, the maker of the best iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie, they promised that Tweetie wouldn’t die. Instead it was to be turned into Twitter for iPhone. That update now appears to be coming soon.

In the final update to Tweetie 2 (2.1.2) that just went live in the App Store, the “What’s New” notes tell of a “Suprise!” The surprise is that when you pull down your tweet stream to refresh, you’re greeted with a new slot machine graphic. Hold it down long enough and the slot machine starts spinning. If it comes up with the right combo, you get a message that reads, “Coming Soon! Tweetie will be Twitter for iPhone (Look for the next app update)

So there you go. Meanwhile, the app I’m more concerned about is Tweetie for the iPad. In its blog post, Twitter promised that was coming “eventually.” The last time I talked to Brichter about it (pre-Twitter sale), all he said to me was, “Can’t say just yet, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.” It’d be great to hear something about the new version of Tweetie for Mac too, which Brichter was hard at work on before the acquisition.

It’s worth noting that this Tweetie update also fixes the Foursquare integration.

You can find Tweetie 2 in the App Store here — though I wouldn’t buy it since Twitter has said that Twitter for iPhone will be free.