Dazzboard's Web-Based iTunes Alternative Now Works On Macs

When it comes to media management for your portable electronics, there’s the iTunes/iPod goliath, and then there’s everyone else. In the last six months or so we’ve seen the competition in the second category heat up quite a bit, with applications like doubleTwist and Songbird offering strong alternatives to Apple’s dominant media app. Dazzboard is another of these iTunes alternatives that’s taking a different approach: it’s entirely browser-based (though you need to install a small plugin). It’s been available for Windows since last summer, and today it’s launching for Mac.

Dazzboard allows users to sync media and playlists to mass storage devices, like most non-Apple MP3 players and Android phones. Along with the standard music, photo, and video syncing you’d expect from an iTunes alternative, the application also lets you to sync content with web services including YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. You can also transfer files between multiple devices. To get it working on a Mac you’ll need to be running Safari and Snow Leopard 10.6.2 or newer.

Unfortunately I had issues getting the application working properly (I keep getting errors about the backend server, which are probably related to the launch), but the functionality appears to be nearly identical to what’s available on the Windows version, which we’ve previously covered.

Dazzboard is based in Finland and recently raised $1.5 million.