The Taste Of The iPad. UrbanSpoon Makes Its HD Debut

Before there was even an App Store, I knew there was something to UrbanSpoon. Several million downloads and a sale to IAC later, I can safely say I was right. Now the team behind it is trying to capture the magic all over again with its new free iPad app.

On the face of it, UrbanSpoon for the iPad may not seem as useful as it is for the iPhone. After all, most people don’t just whip out their iPad on the street when they’re looking for a restaurant (though some may when the 3G version hits, who knows). But plenty of dinner choices are made right before you leave the house — and that’s what UrbanSpoon for the iPad is perfect for.

The app, which just went live in the App Store, looks beautiful. It’s like the iPhone version except there is a persistent map below the regular “slot machine” area where you pick and choose (or have the app pick and choose) your options for food. Once you make your selections, you can either hit the red “Spin” button or shake the iPad — yes, just like the iPhone. The choices will be highlighted on the map. Or you can choose a “List” view which then shows the details about each place, including their UrbanSpoon rating.

Check out the video below for more.

Find UrbanSpoon in the App Store here. It’s a free download.