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Germany's next10 conference – we have tickets to give away

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next conference[Germany] There’s only two weeks left until one of Germany’s leading gatherings for the digital economy, next conference, takes place in Berlin. Two thousand participants and more than 100 speakers from all over Europe and the USA are expected on May 11 & 12, 2010. And best of all, TechCrunch Europe has two tickets to give away.

Under the slogan “Game Changers” the next10 conference will discuss how the currently emerging economy of mobile applications is influencing companies’ digital strategies. The schedule looks quite promising and gets regularly interrupted by elevator pitches from startup companies.

The leading lights among the speakers include Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley and Louis Rossetto, who launched Wired magazine back in the days and now is a game changer in chocolate production with his company TCHO. Other highlights include appearances by futurist and hacker Pablos Holman, who helped to develop the smallest PC in the world, and John Rogers, who is reshaping the automotive industry with Local Motors. MP3 inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg will hold a keynote on the second day and a separate conference track is dedicated to the booming apps economy.

So how do you win one of those two next10 tickets – worth €940 each – given to us by organizing company, e-business solutions provider SinnerSchrader? Simply leave a comment on this post explaining why we should choose you. We’ll announce the lucky winners in one week, on May 3, 2010.

UPDATE: The winners are Thibaut Rouffineau and Michelle Owen.

  • Sergi

    As a freelancer trying hard to launch my own startup – with a mobile version expected later this year – it’s difficult to afford this kind of conferences, but If I were able to go I could make good use of it ;)

  • Justin Bellinger

    Lame answer: I can rarely afford to go to such events, so a free ticket would allow me to do so. :)

    • Mike Butcher

      Correct, you win the prize for the lamest comment. But not the tickets, yet.

      • Justin Bellinger

        No, I think commenting on the lamest comment wins the lamest comment award ;)

  • Matthias

    Because I’ve submitted a talk and they didn’t accepted it. Now I’m §$%§$%.

  • @_SENF_

    Let me be the chosen one (sic!) please. Why? Because i live in 2 min. walking distance from Station Berlin building (totally impressed that nextconference is happening in my quiet but central neighbourhood for the first time) and would massively tweet and update my FB Fanpage etc. from next10.

  • Sarah Joy Murray

    We’re a bootstrapped Berlin startup running two tech companies from one little Chausseestraße office. (You might call us the little office that could.) Wish we already had tickets, but a budget is budget. We’re always ready to learn and would love the chance to connect to other startups at Next10.

    Plus we had to sit through Mike Butcher at M2C, so you owe us one… ;-)

    • Mike Butcher


      • Sarah Joy Murray

        In all seriousness, a great presentation. We were just recalling you’re proclamation about how we had to sit through your English rosbif…

      • Sarah Joy Murray


  • binstins

    This question is easy to answer for me: this years slogan “game changers” matches perfect to me and our product SEOlytics. You ask why to me? Because as a marketing manager i have to be a game changer for my hole business life, lots of new trends, innovation which make just every week a game changer week. And why our product? SEOlytics is a SEO-Controlling-Tool, which changes the view on important aspects of SEO and SEM, so that our clients are able to controll significant KPIs of their domain performance and so save lots of money and time. So this tool is a really a game changing one for online marketing. So Its´me who is perfectly connecting to this years NEXT slogan.

  • Andre

    Very easy and short answer: We live and work in Berlin, need to be there to further boost our startup, but we just cant afford to buy the tickets ourselves…So to be there, would be a big help for our business!

  • Kai-Christian Bockelberg

    I’d like to be taken into consideration since I a) like to talk to other people doing interesting things b) like other people talking to me (about the mobile company I’m co-founding for example) c) like to celebrate a part of my birthday (won’t tell here which date) in Berlin.
    Regards from Mannheim

    • Kai-Christian Bockelberg

      I didn’t intend to doublepost, so please delete this one.. THX

  • Kai-Christian Bockelberg

    I’d like to be taken into consideration since I a) like to talk to other people doing interesting things b) like other people talking to me (about the mobile company I’m co-founding for example) c) like to celebrate a part of my birthday (won’t tell here which date) in Berlin.
    Regards from Mannheim

  • litzi

    I want to come and be a part of the conference: add to it, take away from it and write about it. Representing one of the most interesting Italian agencies would be an honor. Oh yeah and I am a girl so in this arena I am often outnumbered and I have to pull out the megaphone to get heard.

  • matt.

    i’m a strategist at an ad agency in berlin. having just moved over to europe from nyc, i want…NEED…to have a better understanding of the european tech market and what startup/early adopter opportunities there are for the clients i am working on. unfortunately big brands are usually the last to the table when something is brand new. i’d like to change that. that said, i think that the next10 is a perfect opportunity for me to dive right in to the deep end and learn more about europe’s markets, to learn about who the key players are.

    for this reason, i’d like to be considered.

  • Johannes Fahrenkrug

    I’d like to go because I’m a freelancer that helps building the next web by supporting cutting edge new technologies like Cappuccino:
    Also, I can sing:

  • Martin

    As a startup in the mobile software business I rely on the professional skills and hints from experts.

    Furthermore next conference is a chance to discuss my business modell and to get some new influences. I would be glad to talk to others about the growing market of mobile applications and how it can be used to make the world a bit easier.

    The next ticket would help my startup to make a further step into the future.

    Regards from Germany,

  • laura ashley

    If you´ll let me be the one, I will spread the word on all relvevant channels, I will distribute the ideas of NEXT10 and contribute to the conference with all my skills and knowledge. Besides, connections will be made and maybe we´ll see eacht other NEXT(11) year again – on the other side. #swapped perspectives

  • Achim

    I’ve already invested my budget into a german security software startup as business angel and want to discuss additional opportunities. Flying in from Zurich. thanks a lot!

  • Stefan Richter

    It’d be great to visit the homeland and attend a conference such as next10. Unfortunately as a small bootstrapped startup I’m not in a position to fund the ticket price at this point in time.

    So if you’d like to send a UK-based, German-run startup over to Berlin then I’m your man :)

    Thanks for the consideration.

  • Olaf Geibig

    I’m an entrepreneur into mobile augmented reality which is for sure one of the next big things. At the moment I’m just founding and I definitely need to network. I’m living in Berlin, so the ticket will be used FOR SURE. I always had been a futurist, already using things when others were still reading about it.

  • Chris Wochagg

    If I’d get the tix, I’d appear at the Next10 with a “Germany’s NEXT10 Top-Model”-T-Shirt. For sure you’d get the hottest Photos.
    See you there!

  • Philipp

    I need to win the tickets because I really need another conference that keeps me from launching my fucking product, as you Mike put it so eloquently at Techcrunch Munich.

  • Michael

    short answer: looks like the schedule is interesting this year. i’m web/mobile entrepreneur from hamburg, germany. would like to meet other entrepreneurs from all over europe, and next10 seems to be the right event for it.

  • Thibaut Rouffineau

    It’s a long story…

    Once upon a time a country lost in the middle of the Atlantic decided to reimburse its debt to the world in hard ash… The EU in awe decided to offset the carbon emissions from the small country’s fiery activities by stopping all air traffic for a week.

    Taken in the midst of this while I visiting the United Nations headquarters I got stranded in New York…

    And my flight from London to Berlin got rescheduled for the 10th of May…

    All this worldwide political wrangling was just a conspiracy by some puppeteer to send me to next10…

    The only thing he hadn’t conceived in his masterplan was the fact that all this extended stay in fancy New York had left me high and dry…

    Could all this suffering really be in vain?

    PS: all the facts reported here are true!
    PPS: with a few embellishments I didn’t visit the United Nations but the MoMA… shame on me!

  • Stefan

    As a platform for location-based microblogging we will be able to inform our community about the trends in the web and mobile area discussed and presented at next10. As Dailyplaces is communication in realtime we must be present in Berlin. And for sure we will also take the opportunity to present Dailplaces to some people who are interested in. And if I look at the speakers list I’m sure there will be some there.

  • Thomas

    All of the arguments above and even more important I’ve the greatest start-up full of guys wearing Germany’s Next Top Model shirts, working 24-7 on producing cutting edge technology in the cloud computing (<- important BUZZWORD!) segment. On a global scale I live right next to the venue. I'm not a girl but could dress like one, maybe. Of course I would write in my blog about it. In the future I want to be a business angel or VC or firefighter in Europe….

    I heard the party on tuesday is pretty cool. I would shout a drink or two.

  • Viktor

    As a young Macedonian tech journalists we would love to go to Berlin and write and inform our readers about the ideas about use of mobile applications and try to influence digital change in the way people think and work here.

  • Fabian

    Dear Mike

    I would like to approach you with regards to a profitable Business Proposal in exchange for NEXT10 tickets, regarding the transfer of TEN MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND INTERNET KARMA CREDITS (@10800000) into your Blog Account. If you have been following the events in my country over the last weeks, you will remember the scandalous natural desaster that prevented me and my Dear Co-Founder from flying out to the Event of GEEKNROLLA in Your country. Thus it is of urgent importance for me to attend the NEXT10 Business Conference to make up for the tremendous loss of Business Networking Opportunities. Unfortunately, as a startup we are in a position where most of our money is currently located in a future bank account. I did however get my hands on a large number of Internet Karma Credits and would be glad to transfer the whole amount of above sum to you in exchange for the ticket.

    We’re a german neuroscience startup that helps companies turn attention into money. Hope to have turned yours into a ticket for next10.

    Respectfully yours,


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