Rumor: new Nikon DSLRs incoming?

New Nikon DSLRs… that wouldn’t be much of a rumor — of course they’re coming. But this rumor has specs! Things! Being! Rumored! It’s exciting! So what have we here… three new cameras coming? So exciting.

The first rumor is an entry-level camera, perhaps a successor to the D3000. Probably a megapixel bump, better AF system, and generally bringing it up to line with competitors. The next rumor is more interesting: a 16-megapixel, 39-AF point, 1080p/24-shootin’ mid-range monster, possibly a new D90-style camera with a bigger sensor. That’d be a big seller for sure. The third rumor, well, is that there is another camera in the pipeline. Nobody knows anything more.

There are a few more Nikon rumors over at Nikon Rumors (predictably) so get your butt over there and join in the speculation.