Win A Free Ticket To Facebook's f8 Conference

Later this month, Facebook is holding its third f8 developer conference, where the social network plans to unveil new Facebook technologies and discuss topics like business strategy and the open web.  Tickets for the event, which is on April 21, are sold out. But Facebook has given us five to give away for free.

To win one, leave a comment below telling us why you absolutely have to be at this year’s conference. For bonus points, describe what you’ve done with Facebook’s technology in the past (be it Connect or something on Facebook Platform), and tell us what makes it unique. We’ll cut off new entries at 8 PM tonight, and will let the winners know tomorrow morning (make sure to use your real Email address so we can contact you).

f8 has been home to some major announcements in the past: in 2007, Facebook used it to launch Facebook Platform, and it debuted Facebook Connect the following year. In the last few weeks we’ve uncovered quite a few features that we believe Facebook plans on launching, including a Like button for the entire Internet, a Facebook Auto-Connect, and a Meebo Bar clone. It’s going to be a big day.

Update, 8PM: Any further submissions won’t be considered.