GeeknRolla To Launch Startups, London, April 20

This year’s GeeknRolla in London on April 20 will, in a word, be awesome. I created the concept of this this annual conference to bring together Europe’s technology startups to network with investors and talk about how they create and build themselves. There’s a heavy educational component, if you will. So if the cool kids will be at TechCrunch Disrupt in May, you can bet they’ll but out in force in London in April at GeeknRolla.

Our speaker programme is below. This year there is a special emphasis on launching startups and connecting them with investors. As you can see we’ll be launching around 15 startups in front of a panel of around 18 judges. There will also be a DemoPit for startups not selected to appear on the main stage.

[UPDATE: We are now sold out of tickets to the day programme. There are now less than 100 tickets to the now legendary Afterparty where you can join the 400+ delegates from the main day – I’d grab one of those before they all go very shortly.]

It’s an amazing line-up including: Tommy Ahlers, ex-ZYB now Vodafone; Morten Lund, Skye investor & serial entrepreneur; Stefan Glaenzer, Angel; Brent Hoberman, MyDeco & PROFounders; Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp; Mattias Ljungman, Atomico Ventures; Lukas Gadowski, Team Europe; Anil Hansjee, Google; Irena Goldenberg, Highland Capital Partners; Daniel Heaf, 4IP; Ari Wegter, LoveFilm Co-Founder and Alicia Navarro, Co Founder, Skimlinks.

I’d strongly advise you get a ticket. Last year we more than sold out.

We’ll be hearing from of Europe’s best entrepreneurs about how they are building their own companies and with it, the European tech ecosystem. I can pretty much guarantee that the speeches will be fast, furious and fulfilling.

So this is our last and final call. If you are a startup in stealth or private beta want to launch at GeeknRolla, then fill out this form. The deadline already passed, but just in case you missed it, we’ll give you 12 hrs more. It’s just a simple form.

Below you’ll find our programme and our fantastic sponsors.

Why “GeeknRolla”? Here’s why.


08.55 Registration

09.30 Opening remarks
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe
“How to Dive Bomb The European Tech Scene In 5 minutes Flat”

09.35 Keynote & Discussion

Tommy Ahlers, founder of ZYB which was acquired by Vodafone for €31.5m
“Exit: The How, When And Why Of Exiting Your Startup”

Then joint discussion with Anil Hansjee, Head of Corporate Development – Google EMEA
Chair: Mike Butcher

09.55 Speed Presentation

Jason Trost, Smarkets
“Nobody told me: practical startup advice”

10.10 Speed Presentation

Pete Smith, Songkick
“Hiring And Recruiting In Startups”

10.25 Startup Launch Pitches

Eileen Burbidge, Angel (White Bear Yard)

Irena Goldenberg, Highland Capital Partners

Daniel Heaf, 4IP

Inma Martinez, Stradbroke Advisors

Josh Bell, Dawn Capital

11.00 Morning coffee break

11.30 Speed Presentation

Nigel Eccles,
“Customer Development for startups”

11.45 Investment Panel
“Early stage investing right now”

Stefan Glaenzer, Angel (White Bear Yard)

Mattias Ljungman, Atomico Ventures

Sean Seton Rogers, PRO Founders

Michael Jackson, Mangrove Capital

Robin Klein, co-founder, The Accelerator Group (TAG)

12.25 Startup Launch Pitches

Paul Fisher, Advent Ventures

Ari Wegter, LoveFilm Co-Founder

Bindi Karia, Microsoft BizSpark

Sean Seton-Rogers, PROFounders

Lea Bajc, Northzone Ventures

Robert Dighero, Angel (White Bear Yard)

13.00 Lunch

14.10 Keynote

Ben Tompkins, Eden Ventures
“How not to pitch a VC”

14.25 Speed Presentation

“The disruptive opportunities for startups in mobile, and getting traction fast”
Ewan MacLeod, editor of Mobile Industry Review

14.40 Speed Presentation

Nick Bell, Quick.TV
“How to manage PR when you’re a startup”

14.55 Startup Launch Pitches


Brent Hoberman, MyDeco & PROFounders

Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp

Dominic Monkhouse, PEER 1 Hosting

Sherry Coutu, Angel

Elizabeth Varley, TechHub

15.30 Afternoon coffee break

16.00 Speed Presentation

Lukasz Gadowski & Kolja Hebenstreit, Team Europe
“How to extend you startup to Germany”

16.15 Speed Presentation

Cedric Giorgi, Goojet
“Launching your service into the French Market”

16.30 Keynote

Alicia Navarro, Co Founder, Skimlinks
“The trials of the US funding trail for European startups”

16.45 Keynote & Discussion

Morten Lund, Skye investor & serial entrereneur
“Rebels With A Cause”

Then joint discussion with Michael Birch, Founder, Bebo
Chair: Mike Butcher

17.15 Closing remarks

17.20 End of conference

19.30 After party, Central London venue



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FINALLY, A reminder of GeeknRolla, the movie:

GeeknRolla – The Movie from Mike Butcher on Vimeo.