DPReview's Canon T2i review arrives

I’ve been looking forward to this camera for quite a while, and although I’ll be reviewing it later, it won’t be quite to the level of DPReview’s 30-page monster. Flagship cameras like this one get the royal treatment from the big photo sites, and the T2i is nothing if not a flagship camera.

Their extensive testing (I’m getting so used to their little props in the comparison pictures) reveals pretty much what we all knew: most of the cameras at this price point (Nikon D5000, Pentax K-x) are so close in everyday performance that choice comes down to feature set and preference. The T2i (known as the 550D elsewhere) wins out here and there, though the camera it beats most handily is its predecessor, the T1i/500D.

I’m planning on replacing my XSi with a T2i once the price comes down a bit (that is, if the 60D doesn’t tempt me too much), and this review here mainly serves to show that there are no serious new problems with the line. Now hurry up, Canon, I need to get this thing reviewed!

Update: Review!