Google-Backed Life360 Acquires Lost Item Tagging Service Foundog

Life360, a startup that looks to help families keep their loved ones (and their identities) safe, has acquired Foundog, a lost item recovery service. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Foundog is a tagging service that allows you to track your items via a “eTriever tag.” You simple affix a tag to any item; the tag has a number and instructions for someone who finds the lost item to to go Foundog’s site and register the item. The owner can then track to see if their lost item was registered. IBM, Symantec and HSBC use Foundog’s system in-house.

With the acquisition, all users of Foundog’s recovery tags will gain free access to a white-labeled version of Life360’s online safety and security suite, which includes services that provide identity theft protection, cell phone-based family tracking, emergency child identification, lost item recovery, sex offender monitoring, and an emergency messaging system to reconnect families even when some communication lines are down after a natural disaster.

Life360 just raised $750,000 and won the first Android Developer Challenge (good for a $300,000 award). The startup was also chosen to be part of last summer’s fbFund REV.