Fourface Is Foursquare As Modern Art

One common complaint about Foursquare is that in a increasingly crowded location-based space, it’s not pretty enough when compared to the likes of Brightkite and Gowalla. The new iPhone app launching soon should help that. But for some, it still won’t be enough. Those people should definitely check out Fourface.

Fourface is a free iPhone app built using Foursquare’s API. It takes the basic functionality of the service (check-ins, seeing who else is at a venue) and puts a stylish user interface on top of it. Specifically, you can choose from “Arcs,” “Clouds,” “Bubbles,” and “Spots,” for your new interface. Each offers a slightly different way to interact with Foursquare, and different ways to do things such a check-in. With Bubbles, for example, you simply find the venue bubble you want (represented by different colors) and hold it to check-in.

Another view, Spots, allows you to click on different areas to see how many people are there (represented by different color bubbles), or get a list of names for who is actually at the venue. Other new interfaces are in the works that you will be able to purchase through the app, apparently.

Fourface is the work of Nodesnoop, a Los Angeles-based iPhone app house that also makes a couple games for the platform. One of them, Mobzombies, is also location-based and also works with Foursquare data.

You can find Fourface in the App Store here.