Allmyapps updates its iTunes-for-apps, we have beta invites

[France] I first learned of Allmyapps at Le Web ’09 when the company’s CEO  Thibauld Favre, and co-Founder Aranaud Coulondre, grabbed my attention and enticed me into a demo.  I nearly missed my flight. Allmyapps, a small but ambitious startup based in France, aims to become the “iTunes for software applications” as Thibauld puts it, bringing simple 1 click multi-application install to end-users. The company is backed by undisclosed business angels.

Nowadays, we’re changing our devices left and right. Prices have dropped– netbooks & laptops are much more affordable.  Allmyapps lets you pre-create your suite of favorite applications, always available in your user profile, malware-free and up-to-date with the latest versions and updates, for fresh all-in-one installs or a re-installs.  Needless to say, it could save users a lot of time and installation frustrations. The platform also allows users to discover applications from a number of categories. Allmyapps’ catalog is currently just over 200 apps.

Since launch in October 2009, Allmyapps boasts 20,000+ registered users and over 500,000 installed apps. Competitors are the giant Softonic based in Spain, which recently sold a 15% stake to Digital River for $26 million, US-based Ninite, and of course CNET’s

Today, Allmyapps has released a number of enhancements under a closed beta. A new improved UI that makes it a lot easier to discover, install and share apps.  More importantly, users will no longer have to setup the Allmyapps secure installer. They’ll now be able to either install their pre-defined list of apps directly from Allmyapps, or better still, download a 1 click bundled installer and take it with them for offline installs. The bundle download does have a 3-4 euro fee though, billed though Hi-Media’s Allopass mobile micropayment service.

Techcrunch readers can try out the private beta by registering using the invitation code “TECHCRUNCH”.

Coming soon are more social features, premium services, more applications including paid-for apps, themes and an application discovery engine.