Seesmic's BlackBerry App Now Sweeter Than All The Others

When Seesmic debuted its Twitter clients for Android and BlackBerry devices back in November, we wrote that the two apps were probably the strongest offerings out there for each mobile device. Seesmic just updated its Android app, bringing it closer to the the Twitter apps for the iPhone. Today, Seesmic is rolling out a powerful new version of its BlackBerry app.

The new version includes support for multi-accounts, integration (Seesmic acquired earlier this year) and the ability to choose your photo uploading size. So if you have more than one Twitter account, you can set Seesmic to remember all of your accounts, and easily switch between them. You can also cross-post messages between different accounts at the same time. The app allows you to set up default account which will be generated each time you open Seesmic for BlackBerry. You can add up to ten accounts with the new feature. integration allows for you to post your updates to 50 social networks at the same time. In order to engage the feature, you’ll need to start a account. Seesmic for BlackBerry also includes the ability to share pictures through Tweetphoto now. You’ll still be able to post photos with yFrog, which was the photo app the client launched with, but Tweetphoto is now the default. And now you can also select the size of the photos you wish to post. You’ll be given the choice of opting between small, medium or large images.

Sessmic made updates to its BlackBerry client in December but multi-account and support is huge for the client. This latest update should make Seesmic’s client the most feature-rich app out there. Of course BlackBerry has launched the private beta of its Twitter app which is missing a few key features and has been receiving mediocre reviews.

TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington is an investor in Seesmic but I am not.