Seesmic's Latest Android Build Is Dare I Say, iPhone-Like

Perhaps the main problem I have with Android is that the apps (aside from the excellent Google-built ones) are simply not as good as the apps on the iPhone. Nowhere is this more apparent then with Twitter apps, since there are so many for both platforms. On Android, Seesmic was clearly the best one, but it still paled in comparison to the top Twitter iPhone apps. But with an update today, it just got a lot closer.

The latest version brings a few new features, but none is bigger than multi-account support. Finally, if you have more than one Twitter account, you can set Seesmic to remember both, and easily switch between them. Perhaps more notably, you can also cross-post messages between different accounts at the same time. Even my favorite Twitter app, Tweetie for the iPhone, doesn’t allow you to do this. And if you’re worried that you’ll be bombarded by notifications, whatever account you set as your default one will be the one you just get notifications from, we’re told.

Another new feature allows Seesmic to remember where you were in your tweet stream when you exit or switch out of the app. That way, when you open it again, you can resume where you left off. Again, this is a feature that’s pretty standard on many Twitter iPhone app, but has been lacking on most of the Android ones.

Perhaps most impressive to me are two subtle changes though. The scroll speed of the tweet streams has been greatly increased and seems much more fluid. Also, Seesmic has added the ability to double-tap the top of the app to auto-scroll back to the top — again, another feature that’s pretty standard on iPhone Twitter apps.

Here are some other new features that have been added:

  • Adding an Extra Large text size option
  • Your profile information (avatar, number of following and followers,…) will now be updated automatically
  • Changing your Twitter account password will now be handled by the application
  • Composer now auto-corrects and auto-capitalize your words and sentences
  • Notifications are now cleared when the application is accessed from Launcher
  • Easily changing default account from the application’s Settings
  • Can remove a Twitter account simply by pressing on it

Seesmic recently noted that it was a featured app alongside some Nexus One advertising by Google. Thanks to that, the app is closing in on 100,000 downloads founder Loic Le Meur says.

This update is scheduled to hit the Android Market any minute now. Watch more in the video below: