“Magic Flute” audiophile speakers look like jet engines, probably sound amazing

I don’t even want to speculate on the cost of something as cool-looking as this. I’ll just settle for pining away. The idea, I suppose, is to have speakers of every size necessary to reproduce sound perfectly, all attached to the same system. I mean, it’s not an original idea; most tower speakers use the same principle, but did you ever see a tower speaker that made you feel like you were listening to music on an airship?

Let’s be honest: the main draw to these things has to be the design. I’m betting they sound great — but, like the ceramic speakers I recently reviewed, and which the open cone design actually reminds me of, the originality of the look is what will sell it to most people.

There’s more information here, though I’ve included a small gallery of the best pictures, since the web designer at SW Speakers seems to think a slowly rotating Flash gallery is the way to go. It literally takes like 5 minutes to go all the way through. So click and enjoy.

[via Born Rich]