KODA Secures Another $1.5 Million For Its Social Jobs Site

KODA.us, a social recruitment service for employers to recruit young professionals, has received an additional $1.5 million injection of private angel funding.

Back in August last year it raised $1 million in angel funding on top of an existing $2 million, so it now has, you guessed it, $4.5m in capital.

KODA wants to bring social networking and job recruiting together into one unified service, claiming that it is “more professional than Facebook but more personal than LinkedIn”. The jury is out on whether this market space actually exists.

Job seekers get to broaden their CVs with personal attributes and relevant life experience, with the theory being that employers will get more out of it. On the other side, employers themselves get to portray job openings with more “branding” to get across their corporate culture. Sounds like traditional “advertising” to me.

And it must be said, LinkedIn, XING and other professional social networks seem to be doing just fine at getting peole jobs.

Perhaps we are in the midst of a generational shift in how CVs work? Leave your comments below.