Social Recruiting Startup KODA Completes $3 Million Round Of Angel Funding

Social recruitment service has just raised $1 million in funding from a group of private angel investors, bringing the total of seed investment injected into the San Francisco startup to $3 million. essentially wants to bring social networking and job recruiting together into one unified service, which it claims is “more professional than Facebook but more personal than LinkedIn”.

The idea is that by broadening the resume job seekers can submit or upload with personal attributes and relevant life experience, employers could get more extensive information about potential candidates based on profiles that are more personal than those usually found on traditional recruitment sites. On the other hand, KODA wants to give employers themselves the opportunity to portray job openings within the context of organizational branding, so that potential job candidates can get a feel of the corporate culture within companies before actually applying.

The site has only been in beta for two months after being in the making for the past two years. Jeff Berger, Co-Founder and CEO of KODA explains why he thinks traditional job boards are not cutting it anymore:

“Using a job board is like searching for a needle in a haystack. KODA gives you more needles, less haystack, and we’ve developed proprietary technology that facilitates a smoother recruitment process for both candidates and employers.”

I’m not so sure online job boards are that unsatisfactory at all, and this isn’t the first service to try and marry social networking with online recruiting. So far, I haven’t seen too many of those ventures get any significant traction, and I honestly think LinkedIn, XING and other comparable professionally-oriented social networks do a fine job with the recruitment part of the equation, even within the target group KODA is eying (GenY’ers).

That said, KODA says it’s seeing increasing traction even while it’s only been in beta for a short while, claiming it has established relationships with over 350 corporations, non-profit organizations and private businesses and already featuring thousands of job opportunities in various U.S. cities and regions. The main reason it has achieved the latter is that its crawler can pull up-to-date job listings directly from employers’ websites and put them on display on

I’m skeptical about KODA’s ability to make waves in this space. Your take?