Smart as hell: "Outlet Regulator" ejects plugs when they're done charging things
Now this is a power outlet mod I can get behind (not all are good). I’m sure you guys know that when you leave your phone or laptop plugged in to charge, it’ll continue to draw some power even when the battery has reached 100%. Not a lot, but if you’re concerned about power consumption or simply conscientious, then this invention is for you. The Outlet Regulator, called the “leech plug” by the vulgar, monitors the electric throughput and physically disconnects itself when the device being charged is full.

It’s really a very good idea; and like so many good ideas, it seems so obvious when you consider it. Why wouldn’t plugs implement this, perhaps in a less dramatic fashion, like a simple switch inside the adapter? No clue. But I guarantee you’ll be seeing these around in a little while.

The Outlet Regulator is a project by Conor Klein, a design student at RISD. Let’s hope he gets these things to production.

[via No Smarties, Technabob, and others]