Mobile Payment Service Square Simplified On Video

Remember that awesome video that was made for the Twitter iPhone app Birdhouse last year (if not, watch it)? Well, that guy, Adam Lisagor (aka LonelySandwich) is back at it again, this time for the mobile payment startup Square. In the two minute and 18 second video below, Lisagor quickly and easily walks you through what Square is and how to get it up and running.

This video is exactly the type of thing Square needs to combat VeriFone and others that are moving quickly to take on the hot startup co-founded by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. VeriFone, for example, is already running ad campaigns in taxis in New York. Square, on the other hand, isn’t widely available beyond its pilot program yet (which the video goes into how to sign up for). But this video showcases just how slick Square is. We’ve used it to accept donations at a few events already, and can confirm that it works exactly as it’s shown in the video. Here’s a video we took of it in action with Dorsey.

And tidbit from the video worth noting: Square is giving a penny of every transaction to the charity of your choice. Watch the video below.