This arcade stick is quite large

The thing about arcade games is that, although you can easily play them on your Xbox or PC with a controller or keyboard, it never feels the same as the real thing. That’s possibly because arcade games are freaking huge and have buttons the size of silver dollars. There are a few options out there for creating this effect at home, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a single-stick controller this enormous.

The HORI RAP Pro VLX even has an enormous non-slip pad so you don’t have to worry about that thing moving around while you hadoken. Not that you could move it if you wanted to, because it weighs TWELVE POUNDS.

You’ll be able to buy one for your 360 or PS3 once they’re available at Play-Asia, but they’re going to cost a cool ¥30,000, or around $330. Well, sometimes you play the games, and sometimes they play you.

[via Joystiq]