New bill introduced to cover half the cost of 10 million home solar power systems

A bill has been proposed that might help spread solar power for homes, which is still mighty expensive if you want it to do anything but run a lamp or two. The bill, proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, would cover up to half the cost of up to ten million solar power system installations. Whether they’d actually hit that 10 million limit is something of a question, of course, considering solar still isn’t a bargain at half off. I mean, it’s a bargain for Mother Nature, but not for a poor blogger.

One option, of course, is for local governments to “rent” citizens’ roofs and install solar power that is fed back into the grid, in exchange for a bill reduction or tax credit. That way a city could buy a few thousand installs (and this money is being spent locally) and reduce the power burden of certain areas of the city.

Or… what-not. I don’t know, I’m not a civil engineer. But this sounds like a good idea to me.

[via Reddit]