Samsung may actually make some of them transparent laptops

Just because something is cool doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Transparent displays, for instance: we’ve all seen them in movies. Of course, the reason they’re transparent in movies is because A: it looks cool and B: it lets the camera see the operator’s face. It’s not because the set designer for “Minority Report” knew something Samsung doesn’t.

So while the idea of a laptop or tablet with a transparent screen sounds good at first, you soon realized just how useless it is. When was the last time you wished you could look through your display to the wall or table behind it?

The only reason a screen should be transparent is to allow you to interact with what’s behind it. But a transparent display can’t do that, since you can’t accommodate multiple viewpoints. A camera on the back of a device may let you interact with the world around you, but not something see-through. I mean, on a windscreen, maybe, but a laptop?

Anyway, if they do make it, it’s probably just for kicks. Not sure why I feel the need to rub their face in the impracticality of it. Go for it, Samsung. Be awesome.