Teambox for project management secures €140,000 funding

[Spain] Teambox, a collaborative project management platform, is another Spanish home-grown initiative that aims to compete on an international scale, with the likes of Basecamp, incorporating a social, Yammer-like model. The startup has recently secured €140,000 in a small round through SeedRocket Investors Day and  Keiretsu Forum Barcelona, a large international business angels network. Funding mainly comes from Albert Feliu, ex-CTO from Infojobs, previously Grupo Intercom, Diego Mariño, Abiquo’s CEO, both SeedRocket mentors and private investor, Jordi Priu.

Teambox is taking a WordPress-like deployment approach. They offer an open source platform, alongside a hosted and white label solution, something that could position them well against some other well known players.

Their pricing model is simple: basic is free and premium ranges from a monthly 20-150€. They also charge for customized installations. Teambox is convinced their market is global, as they launch in English, French, Spanish and soon in German, Russian, Italian and even Chinese. With the 140.000 and the NEOTEC and Plan Avanza funds they hope to secure during 2010, Teambox will grow in technology, product development and hopefully strategic international roll-outs.  In fact, stay tuned, more products are brewing.