Nokia's Ovi Store Now Officially Serves More Than 1 Million Downloads A Day

Buried in Nokia’s earnings release from this morning (PDF) is an interesting revelation about the Ovi Store, the centralized application shop for programs fit for Nokia devices that the Finnish giant debuted – not so stylishly – in May 2009.

The company now officially acknowledges that the Ovi Store is seeing more than 1 million downloads a day on millions of handsets around the world, after cautiously mentioning that it was approaching that milestone earlier this month at CES.

At a recent roundtable event in London to discuss the company’s app strategy with journalists, Nokia VP of Product, Media George Linardos, also shared that it is currently working a completely rebuilt version of the one-stop app shop, due to be launched in the Spring of this year. Linardos at the time of the event, early December 2009, said that Ovi Store download numbers were growing 100% month-on-month.

In another upbeat story about the Ovi Store, it was revealed earlier this week that the store has recently overtaken Apple’s App Store in territories such as Asia and Latin America. We should note in that regard that Nokia-carrying AT&T customers in the U.S. only got access to Ovi Store early January 2010.

One million downloads a day – or roughly 30 million per month – is admirable but not breathtaking growth any way you look at it. Just for the sake of comparison: Apple’s App Store went from 2 to 3 billion app downloads in the course of 3 months, which means the App Store serves more than ten times the amount of apps per month than the Ovi Store.