More Bad News For Intelius: Cofounder Charged With Lying About Sex With Stripper

Intelius, a site that helps users find information about others, continues to have more bad news around its senior execs. John Arnold, a cofounder and EVP, has been indicted on a charge of lying to a grand jury about having sex with a dancer.

The company has been trying to go public despite hundreds of scam complaints, and the atrocious legal record of CEO Naveen Jain. We covered many of the issues back in 2008. Last year the U.S. Senate began an investigation into the post transaction marketing offers that drive much of Intelius’ revenue.

The new charges are somewhat ironic, since Intelius recently launched an iPhone dating application called datecheck.

Arnold, now charged with lying to a grand jury about his sexual exploits, said of datecheck:

Date Check is like having a private investigator in your purse..Letting a stranger into your life is a huge risk, and in the age of Internet anonymity, a simple online search isn’t enough to tell you everything you need to know.

Indeed. Except, datecheck isn’t so useful if you want to date an Intelius cofounder. The company has removed the legal records of its own founders from the application.