Nexus One Bursts Onto The Mobile Browsing Scene

As we’re all well aware, the Nexus One is out there now. After Google officially unveiled it on Tuesday, the web analytics firm Clicky starting sniffing for it in its reports. And the (very) early results are impressive.

Today is the first day Clicky has any data on the Nexus One and already it has a 0.61% browsing share of the 170,000+ websites that use Clicky Web Analytics. By comparison, the Droid, which has been out for two months now, has a 5.35% share. And all Android phones account for a 7.44% share. This one-day Nexus One stat is impressive considering that most people who have ordered the device don’t yet have it, and really it’s only people Google has given the phone to to test out (such as some of us bloggers).

Also somewhat interesting is the movement of the Apple iPhone in this data. That is to say, downward movement. While it is just one day, the iPhone’s browsing share fell almost a full percentage as the Nexus One entered the fray. Certainly, it may just be that these early Nexus One testers are busy loading up every site they can on their phones. But make no mistake, with so many Android phones now out there, and even more coming, it’s going to be hard for Apple to maintain its huge share (around 45%) if it’s just one device on one carrier.

Screen shot 2010-01-07 at 3.08.40 PM

[thanks Sean]