Mplayit Releases Most Shared Mobile Apps On Facebook Application

As more and more social app directories launch, data concerning the most shared and recommended mobile apps is beginning to emerge. We recently wrote about Chorus, an iPhone app that helps you discover other apps, which revealed the most recommended apps from their community. Today, Mplayit, a recently launched Facebook app that allows users to discover, share and recommend a variety of mobile apps, is releasing a list of its most shared apps on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Mobile (Java) devices.

Mplayit’s directory of apps includes a dedicated page for each app where Mplayit will post videos of the app (created either by the developer or pulled from YouTube), a detailed description of the app and reviews. You can also click to buy the app from various app markets, including Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. Once you start clicking on various app and downloading apps, Mplayit will begin to recommend apps to you based on your behavior on the site. And you can share apps on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page also shows the activity that’s taking place in other app marketplaces, such as Apple’s App Store or the Android Market, to show users what apps are receiving the most downloads, reviews and more. Users will also be able to see the “apptivity” within their social network, so they can clearly see what apps their friends and family are most interested in.

Over the past few months, Mplayit says that iPhone owners were recommending apps to friends that help manage stress during the holidays or entertain themselves or children. Blackberry users were more focused on sharing info about apps for work or travel. And Android users were into shopping, as two barcode reading apps both landed in a list of the 10 most shared apps for the platform.

And there are some just plain odd apps that were also driving chatter and sharing in the social networking world. On the iPhone, the SuperCam app that allows users to monitor home surveillance systems was getting shared the most often. The Bible application for Blackberry was among the 20 most discussed and shared apps on that platform. While on the Android platform, an application that mimics Google reader was getting the most chatter probably because Google has not yet made available an Android version of this popular service. On the feature phone, its games, games and more games. Interestingly, Tiger Woods holiday troubles seemed to have had a positive impact on the mobile game that bares his name. It was the second most shared and discussed java mobile app over the holiday weekend.

Below are the respective lists of the most shared mobile apps on Mplayit:


1. Finger Physics

2. iFarm by Play Mesh

3. Puzzle Paint 3D

4. Sony Music Holiday Yule Log

5. Tap Tap Tattoo

6. MotoX Mayhem

7. Music Aurora Pro

8. Skies of Glory

9. Catan

10. NASA App for iPhone


1. ReaderScope

2. Google Sky Map

3. Power Manager

4. Barcode Beasties

5. Google Goggles

6. Amazed

7. Barcode Scanner

8. Aloqa

9. OI Update

10. Pinball


1. Call Blocker Pro

2. The Hockey News

3. Firefighter’s Calculator

4. Vlingo

5. TIME Mobile

6. Trivial Pursuit

7. Sudoku Lite

8. Aces Traffic Pack-Lite

9. One-Touch Photo Dialer

10. Bible


1. CafeSolitaire

2. TigerWoods09

3. SonicJump2

4. Dealor No Deal

5. TheSims3

6. Skate

7. Guitar Hero

8. Harry Potter and the

9. Half-BloodPrince

10. Bejeweled

11. CookingMama